lynn vieira

Hi there! I’m Lynn Vieira and welcome to my poetry page. You can find a list of my poems here.

I’ve been a closet picture book/poetry writer for more years than I can count, and I have an affinity for all things quirky. I love rhyme, and books that catch me by surprise!

Here’s some stuff to know about me:

Favourite colour: blue, unless it’s a flower, then white, or if it’s a tomato, then red, or if it’s an orange, then, well, orange

Favourite food: pizza, hands down (but it has to be vegan!)

Favourite word: anything with “um” in it, like rumpus, and mumble, and grumpy, and bumble

Favourite hobby: reading, duh!

Favourite poet: Shel Silverstein is probably my favourite kid’s poet, and Mary Oliver is my favourite grown-up poet. But really, there are SO many!

Fun fact: My husband and two grown sons don’t like to read but I love them anyway.

This is my serious face. I don’t use it very often.

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